One of the most abused words in the English language is “village”. Look up a good dictionary and you will find a few definitions. The one that best applies to Dublin is: A self-contained district or community within a town or city, regarded as having features characteristic of village life.

The city, after all, used to be regarded as a collection of small villages stuck together. One place where you will find the true meaning and atmosphere of real urban village is Crumlin. Despite the huge number of houses stretching out from it, Crumlin Village has hung onto its own distinctive self-contained identity.

The cornerstone of any village, urban or otherwise, are its pubs, which often bind a community together as much as the local church or school. Crumlin village has three pubs within a stone’s throw of one another, and the best one of them (by considerably more than a stone’s throw) is The Village Inn.

At a time when so many pubs are opting for sparse minimalist codology, The Village Inn is reassuringly brown and wooden and cosy. Both the lounge and bar are spacious, and has plenty of comfortable seating.
The walls are festooned with a variety of intriguing vintage knick-knacks. There is also an excellent function room upstairs for private parties.

Next year, The Village Inn will mark twenty five years under the ownership of Larry O’Shea, who has  had the pub completely revamped over the last few years. The mirrors behind the bar feature ‘before and after’ representations of its exterior.

In every respect-The Village Inn is everything that a good local should be – first rate.

Don’t be a village idiot. Pay a visit.